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We are all about making things pop.

While many beat around the bush, we ask the hard questions, help you find answers and keep doing the dirty work long after others would have resigned.

↓ the ABC of spaceblend



Agile & Adaptable

Since we are a small and focused team, we don’t suffer from organizational overhead and can quickly adjust our workflows and processes to meet our clients needs and business structure.

This leads to increased efficiency for all parties involved and quick turnaround times for projects we tackle.

Beyond Basics

In order to deliver awesome results we constantly research what is happening in our space, always looking to improve ourselves and find the best possible solutions for projects we work on.

We don’t just follow trends, but try to improve on best practices in creative and practical ways that elevate the work we do.

Client Centric

We genuinely care about the success of our clients and invest substantial amounts of time and energy into getting to know them and understanding their businesses.

Our client centric approach allows us to deliver meaningful, functional websites that provide real value to their visitors.

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↓ meet the team


the team

Marcel Makale

Founder & Creative Technologist

With over a decade of experience as an interdisciplinary Project Manager, Marketing and IT Consultant across a variety of industries like retail, fashion, logistics, print and media, I’ve come a long way and brought many valuable experiences with me, which I am eager to share and apply to our clients projects.

My biggest strength is the ability to empathize and understand the unique needs of each individual client instead of applying run-of-the-mill methodologies.

Phone: +43 660 3266772
Email: marcel@spaceblend.com

German, English and Croatian

Thijs Koenraadt

Junior Partner & Developer

As a computer scientist and avid developer I always love a good challenge. Carefully crafting our clients visions by writing clean and effective code.

I provide real world implementations for creative and innovative ideas, while ensuring quality and satisfaction for all involved.

Email: thijs@spaceblend.com

Dutch and English